Don’t drain your phone BATTERY. Get out your Maglite.

Our ML300L 4D LED Flashlight gives you more than two weeks of continuous light with a beam so powerful, it can blast a distance of five football fields. That’s the kind of power you can expect when the unexpected happens.

Maglite flashlights are a vital part of any personal safety and emergency preparedness plan. My family and I all own several Maglite incandescent and LED flashlights. I have used several brands of flashlights over the years and Maglite remains my favorite.
— Brent T. (customer from Edmond, Oklahoma)

Lifetime Tough® Anodized Aluminum Body.

“I’ve had my 4D Maglite for 20 years. I bought it when I was 12 years old because that’s what the cops carried at the time and guess I wanted to be cool like them haha… Going strong and ready for another 20 years!”
- Customer from New Orleans, Louisiana



You never know when a nasty storm will blow through and you’re left without power. The last thing you want is to have your phone battery die using it as a flashlight. The ML300L 4D LED flashlight gives you more than two weeks of continuous light - 18 days to be exact.



What about those camping or hiking trips? Or those dream vacations abroad? See far with a beam so powerful, you’ll be able to spot a zombie five football fields away. Did we say zombie? Sorry, too much Netflix. The ML300L 4D LED flashlight is the perfect companion.



Those music festivals are a whole lot of fun, but finding your way around when the sun goes down can be a pain. Not if you have the ML300L 4D flashlight with you. Plus, do you really want your phone to die using it as flashlight? In case you need to get a hold of someone?


Designed With You In Mind.