The farther you see. The safer you are.

With our ML150LR LED Rechargeable Flashlight, you’ll be able to flush out a perp with a beam that blasts a distance of four football fields and provides you with up to three days of continuous light.

The Police Department purchased SL-20 for us but my MAGLITE stayed with me in my patrol bag as a backup and was still used. Many a bad guys and evidence, at night, was found with this light, the adjustable head was great to flood the interior of vehicles during traffic stops. This light was a trustworthy partner a policeman could have. I retired after 29 years on the force... this MAGLITE flashlight is still in use today. It is in our 5th wheel travel trailer.
— Officer from Colton, California

Trusted by law enforcement.

Maglite® flashlights are on permanent display in The National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, DC.

It’s safe to say it’s bulletproof.

When Sheriff Lieutenant Jim Considine was shot multiple times with an AK-47 during a shootout, one bullet headed straight for his chest. Fortunately, he was holding a Maglite with his firearm. His Maglite took the bullet and saved his life. And get this… the Maglite still worked! The Maglite and the Sheriff’s story of courage under fire is forever on display at The National Law Enforcement Museum in Washington, DC.

A Lifetime Tough® anodized aluminum body that weighs less than a football.

Maglite saved my life.
— Sheriff Lieutenant Jim Considine

Designed With You In Mind.